School of Thought Educational Modules

School of Thought

How do we meet students where they are, and encourage them to learn about current affairs?

School of Thought is an education centre that specialises in teaching General Paper to junior college students. To help engage their students during the circuit breaker period, we pitched the idea of converting their curriculum into online content modules.

Drawing on School of Thought’s existing learning frameworks, we restructured their curriculum into thematic modules for ease of understanding, and developed content in different formats, such as explainer videos, short-form articles, infographics and quizzes, to facilitate independent learning.

Infographics and

To facilitate students’ understanding of current affairs topics, we delved into different case studies via short-form articles with accompanying infographics that help break down key content insights.
Explainer Videos
We created bite-sized explainer videos in a wide range of design styles, ranging from news parodies to cut-out animations, to speak directly to students and help them better understand complex topics.
Module 1: Science and Technology
Module 4: Modern World
Slide Decks
For a deeper dive into content topics, we crafted interactive slide decks that explored opinions from diverse stakeholders to encourage students to form their own personal perspectives on issues that matter to them.