MPA Maritime Bus Microsite

Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA)

How do we get youths interested in Singapore’s maritime history?

We worked closely with the Maritime Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) to develop an interactive microsite which was launched as an outreach campaign to educate the younger generation about the vital role Singapore’s maritime ecosystem plays in our economic success.

Drawing inspiration from the suite of characters and content developed for the MPA Maritime Bus, we converted the experience from the physical roving exhibition into the digital space to connect with youths where they are.

To ensure that youths could have fun and attract visitors to the site, we crafted an engaging narrative which saw the existing suite of characters going on a time-traveling mission through key time periods in Singapore’s maritime history.
Animated Videos
Animated videos featuring the Maritime Bus Crew were used to guide users through the narrative in a seamless flow.


Key content points were taught through a choose-your-own-adventure format which allows users to explore different time periods via the choices that they make.
Puzzle Quests
For users to move ahead in the narrative and complete the overall mission, they had to use the information they have picked up along the way to complete mini interactive puzzle quests.
Game Leaderboard
A leaderboard was incorporated at the end of the microsite narrative to add in a competitive element and encourage repeat visits amongst youths.


For outreach and engagement purposes, we also designed a set of EDMs, social media posts and print collaterals which were distributed to a school-going audience and at physical locations, such as the Singapore Maritime Gallery.