Total Defence Experiential Showcase 2014


How do we get Singaporeans to connect personally with their knowledge about Total Defence?

Build experiences to get Singaporeans to reflect on different ways of safeguarding Singapore.

To commemorate 30 years of Total Defence, we created an interactive exhibition at the National Museum of Singapore presenting insightful and honest perspectives on how Singaporeans from different walks of life ascribe meaning to Total Defence. The exhibit encourages people to imagine how mutual support and cooperation allow us to overcome the uncertainty of Singapore’s future, ensuring the Singapore story lives on.

Exhibition Design & Space Messaging

The experience revolves around the stories of five everyday Singaporeans. Visitors journey alongside these individuals and through their stories, gain empathy and an appreciation for the different ways people contribute to Total Defence.

To give visitors a contemplative interlude in the exhibition, we designed an introspection room that explores personal dilemmas, inviting them to make tough choices.

Logo design

Inspired by and drawing from the familiarity Singaporeans have with the Total Defence logo, the exhibition logo featured five coloured arrows moving upwards.

Microsite development

In addition to physical wayfinding in the exhibition, we designed an online app that guided visitors through the exhibit.


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