Book Bugs: Rescuers of Stories Lost

National Library Board (NLB)

How do we encourage the younger generation to read more?

With the goal of igniting the joy of reading in children, the National Library Board (NLB) commissioned us to conceptualise and design a series of bug-themed collectible cards and collaterals for the fourth iteration of their reading programme Book Bugs: Rescuers of Stories Lost.

Book Bugs: Rescuers of Stories Lost Key Visual

To create a truly immersive experience, we designed a world by the name of Bugtopia for the characters. Based on the high fantasy genre, Bugtopia features four lands which are divided based on the elements (i.e. fire, water/ice, space, earth).
Land Medallions
Individual medallions were created to differentiate each land’s cards and also to facilitate gameplay.
Character Design
We drew inspiration from different book titles for the design of the bug characters, while also syncing them up with the four lands through distinctions in their abilities, artifacts and features.
Collateral Design
To appeal to the younger age group, we designed a set of publicity collaterals from pamphlets to posters that were used for outreach purposes.
Comic Illustrations
We conceptualised and illustrated a series of comics that not only helped guide kids through the overarching narrative, but also encouraged them to continue borrowing books through the campaign period.