A*STAR@30 Coffeetable Book

Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR)

How do we celebrate three decades of scientific discovery and technological innovation?

To ensure that A*STAR’s wealth of scientific contributions gets conveyed in an engaging manner to the general public, we brought to the forefront the stories of 30 key A*STAR innovations and inventions that were developed over the past three decades.
Layout Design
We developed a modern and minimalist design that integrated bold typography and vibrant colours aligned with A*STAR’s branding to facilitate a smooth reading experience.

We utilised a human-centered narrative approach to shine the spotlight on the researchers and scientists behind these key milestones, which helped to make scientific jargon accessible and engaging to the layman.

Additionally, we made sure that there was an overall cohesiveness and consistency in the tone of voice adopted throughout the different stories.