National Youth Council (NYC)

NYC Youth Conversations Publication


How do we reflect the diversity of youth voices we have in unifying a nation?

Showcase the vibrancy and diversity of youth’s thoughts on social issues they see and feel for.

We were commissioned by the National Youth Council (NYC) to design a publication that communicates the information and insights gleaned from the Youth Conversations: an engagement platform for youths from all walks of life to dialogue and deliberate on issues that matter to them and Singapore. To highlight the diverse and multi-faceted nature of our youths, we employed design elements that stand on their own yet unify seamlessly in to a cohesive look and feel.

Publication design

Colour-blocking was used to signpost information, reflecting how youths of different walks of life came together during the Conversations despite differing opinions. The modern look and feel reflects maturity of thought, while the bright colours convey a sense of boldness that comes through in the vision our youths have for Singapore.

Information design

Curated bold statements and use of typography signify the conviction and desire youths have to take action for the social issues they see and feel for.


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