National Library Board (NLB)

NLB S.U.R.E Digital Media and Literacy Campaign


How do we equip students with digital literacy skills that don’t just protect but also empower them?

Build a curriculum with various content formats that caters to diverse learning styles.

We tailored the content formats of specific topics for our target audiences through a diverse mix of videos, articles, interactive slides and infographics. This multi-faceted approach effectively communicates and teaches students information literacy, digital safety and digital wellness skills in a way that is both accessible and nuanced.


With the goal of inculcating digital literacy skills in students of varying ages, we designed a tiered curriculum catering to three different age groups.

Content development

For the basic tier, fun gamification elements and cartoon animations were used in interactive slides and narrative videos. Students learn to navigate the online world safely through ways that are applicable to their daily lives.

In the intermediate and advanced tiers, the content developed was more nuanced and targeted, with real-life case studies that help students to see the importance of digital literacy in their everyday lives.


We developed infographics to summarise key information in a digestible manner. The use of illustrations and vibrant colours help retain students’ attention and act as engagement and memory aids.

Video development

Cartoon-style animated videos were produced for younger learners. The senarrative-driven videos break down tough concepts into easy-to-understand ideas through various analogies.

For intermediate and advanced learners, explainer videos were developed to allow students to visualise real-life scenarios. The distinctive cut-out style and bright vibrant colours grab students’ attention and help these videos stand out, leaving a lasting impression that aids in memory retention of the skills learned.


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