National Library Board (NLB)

NLB Poetry-on-Platforms


How can we get Singaporeans to experience and appreciate local poetry in their daily lives?

Bring poetry into their everyday spaces, transforming commutes into journeys of discovery.

To cultivate the public’s interest and appreciation for local poetry, we integrated it seamlessly into Singaporeans’ typical, everyday commutes. Through a guerilla takeover of MRT stations all over Singapore, poetry becomes accessible to the masses, enriching the daily lives of Singaporeans.

Design conceptualisation

To bridge linguistic and cultural barriers, poems were translated into all four of our major languages, resonating with Singapore’s multi-racial local community. Passers-by are drawn to the poems through the use of bright and vibrant colours paired with eye -catching illustrations.

Space messaging

Poems displayed at MRT platform doors, lifts, and walls within the National Library inject a sense of levity into the dreariness of transit.


We paired the featured poems with vibrant illustrations of uniquely Singapore scenes, bringing the poems to life.


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