National Library Board (NLB)

NLB Chinese Book List Posters


How do we promote Chinese-reading to youths in a fun and engaging way?

Weave characters into book recommendations to pique youths’ interest.

To convey Chinese book recommendations in a manner that will capture the attention and imagination of secondary school students, we crafted visually engaging and easy-to-read posters to encourage reading amongst youths.

Design conceptualisation

Visual motifs of various types of books were weaved into the form of, and around, the Chinese characters in the key visual. This highlights how there is a suitable book out there for every type of reader. Lively visuals were paired with a warm, vibrant colour palette, encouraging kids to explore whilst encapsulating the joy of picking up a good book.


Cartoon human characters were illustrated according to their respective genres, bringing the recommended books to life.


Print, Space
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