National Library Board (NLB)

NLB Book of Possibilities Bookmarks


How do we capture the attention of young readers and inspire them to explore more genres of books?

Spotlight unique book characters and curated quotes of different genres.

In partnership with the National Library Board for their Book of Possibilities (BoP) programme, we conceptualised and designed a series of 20 bookmarks which were subsequently distributed to youths and parents at the new Punggol Regional Library.

Design conceptualisation

Drawing inspiration from the intricate frames often seen in tarot cards, the overall design positions books as the gateway to a new world of imagination through the visual motif of an ornate frame. The bookmarks’ design of an open door evokes curiosity, intrigue and a sense of mystery, inviting readers to explore different possibilities by picking up a book.


With the goal of introducing curated sci-fi or fantasy reads to young readers, each bookmark features an illustration inspired by a book from the genre as the central motif. The freehand style illustrations gave the black-and-white visuals an organic look and feel, while colour accents were integrated so the illustrations stand out against the background.


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