Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF)

MSF White Paper on Singapore Women’s Development


How do we engage Singaporeans in our country’s collective vision for women’s development?

Communicate Singapore’s aspirations for a more inclusive society for all men and women.

To encapsulate the key ideas discussed during the year long, nationwide Conversations on Singapore Women’s Development, we were commissioned by the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) to conceptualise and design a white paper that would reflect Singapore’s aspirations for a fairer and more inclusive society for all.

Design Conceptualisation

The white paper, targeted towards all Singaporeans, regardless of gender, not only showcases current efforts and partnerships for women’s development, but also outlines the government’s future action plans to empower, uplift and support women.

Publication design

Drawing inspiration from the ‘Celebrating SG Women’ logo, large format typography and vibrant colour accents were used to convey the boldness of Singapore’s vision for women’s development. To better communicate key messages to the public, the report utilised clear colour blocking and dynamic iconography to signpost information for readers.

Information design

We developed infographics to organise and ease understanding of large sets of information and data. This allows readers to visualise how the insights shared during the Conversations help build an interconnected system that supports our journey towards achieving gender equality.


To further spotlight Singapore’s aspirations for women’s development, we designed a series of eye-catching illustrations featuring women in scenes inspired by the various action plans covered in the white paper. The illustrations were used as chapter dividers to signpost the content flow for readers. The illustrations also came together in a visually impactful composite to signal the white paper’s conclusion, highlighting how society’s collective effort can encourage positive societal change.



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