Ministry of Transport (MOT)

MOT Animated Sticker Pack


How do we make transport elements fun, engaging, and relevant for the general public?

Incorporate emotions and playfulness into transport elements.

Tasked to showcase various aspects of Singapore’s transport sector in a striking and playful way for social media users, we created a series of 15 animated stickers available on Telegram, Instagram stories, TikTok and WhatsApp.

Design conceptualisation

Adopting a whimsical and cute approach, exaggerated proportions and facial features were used in illustrations depicting various forms of transportation that everyday Singaporeans are familiar with, making the emotional valence immediately obvious while engaging viewers.


By animating the stickers, we play up the ​anthropomorphism​ of the vehicles to capture ​​a range of moods that are relevant for users in their daily interactions.


Using witty wordplay and snappy phrases, the transport-themed stickers go beyond simply informing the public. They make the Ministry of Transport’s themes of inclusion, courtesy and responsibility personally relevant, fostering a positive shift in behaviour.


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