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How can we get the public interested in our country’s monetary policy?

Craft a set of experiential games mirroring the decisions made in our monetary policy and their consequences.

As part of the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) Gallery refresh, we created four interactive online games giving players a chance to be the decision maker, mirroring the important choices MAS officers make daily.


These games repackage dry monetary policy information into accessible and relatable experiences for the general public. This not only showcases how MAS conducts their policies, but it also highlights MAS’ efforts in raising financial literacy among Singaporeans.

Money Transmission Game

Players learn how monetary policy impacts various economic agents and key economic variables in Singapore through the Money Transmission game. In the game, they face either an overheating economy or a global recession and by adjusting the macroeconomic policy setting, provide sustained, non-inflationary growth and stability for Singapore.

Guardians of SGD

To ​help ​visitors ​understand how MAS manages Singapore’s Official Foreign Reserves (OFR) and preserves Singapore’s international purchasing power, in the Guardians of SGD game, players are presented with different portfolios of varying risks. They are challenged to protect the Singapore dollar from day-to-day events and crises by buying and selling the Singapore dollar and the US dollar, to accumulate OFR and hence keep the Singapore dollar valuation within the acceptable range.

Consumer Empowerment Game

Players learn the importance of good financial planning through the Consumer Empowerment game which guides them to figure out their needs, wants, and their risk profile before they make any investments or sign up for any financial plans.

Career Counselling Game

The Career Counselling game also allows visitors to understand the different roles in MAS and the skills required for each role. Through personality profiling, the game matches players to the job most suitable for them.


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