Land Transport Authority (LTA)

LTA Annual Report 2019/2020


How do we showcase the progress Singapore has made in creating a sustainable land transport system?

Highlight breakthroughs and inspire confidence in a better quality of life for all.

We were commissioned by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) to produce their Annual Report for FY2019/2020 with the goal of highlighting LTA’s efforts in creating a greener land transport system in Singapore that paves the way for a cleaner and better quality of life for all.

Design conceptualisation

We developed a design concept that incorporated motifs of organic shapes and symbols to highlight the key theme of sustainability in the Annual Report’s narrative.

For the cover, the shapes were integrated with symbols of location pins superimposed onto a map of Singapore, showing LTA’s movement toward the goal of a more sustainable future. Through this, connecting lines in the graphics create​d​ silhouettes that showcase​d​ interlinkages between different sections.

Publication design

Overlapping text and image applications were used to create layout dynamism, while referencing interacting ecosystems that bring the vibrant transport landscape in Singapore to life.

We also adopted a colour scheme that uses brighter tones, giving the report a more approachable look and feel.

Collateral design

Based on the design concept of the Annual Report, we created​​ launch EDMS for outreach efforts, informing stakeholders ​of the ​report’s publication.


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