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JTC Thought Leadership Articles


​​​How do we highlight the leading role Singapore plays in industrial growth?

Craft impactful content that highlights growth initiatives.

​​​As part of their outreach efforts to business leaders, we developed a series of thought leadership articles for Jurong Town Corporation (JTC) that was centered on telling stories of growth and transformation in various key industries, such as biopharma and tech.

Content Development

Each content piece encapsulates a unique messaging to reach out to business leaders, highlighting Singapore’s role in the growth of the relevant industries. Photos were weaved in to break up the long-form text, keeping readers engaged in the story of JTC’s innovation and exploration of new ideas for the future.

Tone of voice

In industry-specific articles, we spoke directly to industry leaders’ pain points. Adopting a positive, problem-solving tone, we showcased how JTC navigates through challenging predicaments, offering these as tangible solutions to drive and inspire businesses’ next phases of growth.

In more generic articles, we tailored our editorial narrative to situate JTC as a catalyst of industrial growth using a wider messaging of how innovators use Jurong Innovation District (JID), as a test bed for various futuristic initiatives.

Social media adaptations

Simple listicle-format content pieces were also developed to highlight the various innovation projects happening at JID. The content was also adapted into an infographic for social media platforms. This allows technical points to be broken down into bite-sized information that the public can access at a glance.


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