Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS)

CAAS Annual Report 2019/2020


How do we provide a comprehensive and captivating overview of aviation achievements amidst the pandemic?

Celebrate successes with an uplifting message of hope.

We were tasked by the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) to conceptualise and design an annual report for digital distribution. Released during the COVID-19 pandemic, one of its key goals was to boost confidence and reassure stakeholders of the organisation’s continued commitment towards uplifting the aviation industry in Singapore.

Design conceptualisation

To align with the proposed content angle, the Annual
Report is designed around the concept of “Together We Will Soar Again”, situating CAAS as a trustworthy leader and guardian of civil aviation in Singapore. This concept echoes the uplifting tone adopted throughout the copy and communicates hope to industry partners and stakeholders.

Drawing inspiration from the visual concept of a plane taking off, we utilised dynamic geometric shapes and a path motif to symbolise the clear route to recovery that CAAS has envisioned for Singapore. The plane motif was used throughout the inner pages, evoking a sense of continuity in CAAS’ mission and current initiatives, while signalling hope and possibility for the future.

Publication and information design

We incorporated high impact photography and data infographics into the design, allowing the audience to visualise the innovative steps that CAAS is taking to help Singapore’s aviation industry adapt and grow. A sleek and clean layout was used, conveying a sense of stability that CAAS brings to Singapore’s aviation landscape.

Marketing collateral design

Drawing from the Annual Report’s design concept, we also produced web banners and EDMs for CAAS to announce the release of the report to their stakeholders.


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